Social Media Services

The most frequently visited websites on the Internet are social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.  We can help you launch an online social marketing campaign to establish your brand, product or service on these top social media websites today! If you are looking Expert Social Media Services in Canada in any of the following areas I can help:

Social Media Marketing Package

We Manage & Share All Website Content To Your Social Media Channels!

Building your online brand is what we Social Fans Expert does best! We are here to help create your website content, articles and videos, as well as sharing them to your social media channels. You will need to hire a professional social media manager, one that you can trust to build your brand and target audience on all your social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube in which to advertise your products and services to !!


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*Web Management Package

This is our Reputation Management Package. We can manage your “Website”, “SEO”, and “Social Media Channels” Online.


We usually charge a flat rate fee of $97/mo. for any service like SEO, Social Media, Website Maintenance but if you combine them all into one package you save 1/3.

$97 + $97 + $97 (So ONLY $197/mo.) !!!!!

What’s Included..

  1. Website Updates, Upgrades, Quick Fixes
  2. Social Media Account Creation
  3. Social Media Connect Scripts on Website
  4. Social Media Content Updates (free Hootsuite setup!!)
  5. Add a video, new content, email form (anything you need updated)

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Full Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Services

We offer Digital Marketing, Web Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing Resources, SEO Consulting Services, SEO Site Optimization, and Web Design services in Canada.

All of our professional SEO and Social Media Marketing and management services are best suited for small to medium size businesses. If your marketing budget is a bit low, but your standards are very high, you have come to the right place. Hit me up at for a brief SEO or Digital Marketing Services in Canada.

Our Social Marketing Services Will:

  • Assist in capturing the large audience and growing your traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide excellent opportunities for visitor engagement
  • Help drive leads and customers to your call to action and landing pages
  • Market your products or services in a more personal way including eCommerce Solutions
  • Provide a platform for enhanced customer service which increases customer loyalty
  • Write Customer Reviews to gain insight on desired products or services to establish brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

Customer Feedback

*Just received another order today and I can't tell you how happy I am at getting these experts to get more traffic for my site! ~Becky O. - Los Angeles, CA

*Fantastic Job, very fast turn around, finished my Google Plus One Order within 24 hours!. ~Ramos - Houston, TX,

*Hi, thanks for the great service, I just receive my order for 1000 Facebook Fans, very pleased! ~Marie - Memphis, TN